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Not more than five months after replacing Christopher Bailey as the creative director, Italian fashion designer Ricardo Tisci has reimagined the logo design of iconic British high fashion line, Burberry. Having previously brought Givenchy back into mainstream trends, Tisci introduced the new Burberry logo and monogram through Instagram on August 2nd. When it came to recreating the classic "Burberry London England" brand labels, the designer took inspiration from Peter Saville, an art director and graphic designer by profession, who he claims is "one of the generation's greatest deign geniuses". The rebranding into the new Burberry logo went full fledge after the fashion line took a huge hit. Burberry experienced a total loss worth $32 million after having to get rid of old stock to prevent counterfeiting, which the brand hopes to slow down with the new Burberry logo.

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Even before all this happened, the company hinted at a new Burberry logo through its social media so that the change would not come as a complete shock. Communications between Tisci and Saville were promoted on Instagram to explain the inspiration behind and origins of the new Burberry logo to fans. Reportedly, it was Tisci's discovery of an old Thomas Burberry 1908 monogram at the Burberry archives that led Saville to create the new Burberry logo. As a result, the duo agreed on the final, no-frills, black and white new Burberry logo in a modern font. Although not quite as memorable as the past design, the new Burberry logo led way to the development of the new orange and white pattern of Ts and Bs, an ode to Thomas Burberry. These fresh designs come as no surprise since Peter Saville has proven his success with the rebranding of Calvin Klein, which now boasts a minimalist, lowercase logo with the approval of the brand's creative director, Raf Simons.

Although high fashion brand has been in dire need of revival with a new Burberry logo, Queen B has contributed her part to the British fashion house. As Tisci prepared to release the Fall 2018 line in September, the retirement of the plaid print iconic to the brand was highly debated. However, his social media updates, which are representative of his thoughts on remodeling the brand, refuted these rumors as they showcased Beyonce wearing Burberry's plaid design. The plaid pattern, typically seen adorning umbrellas, trench coats, windbreakers and other outer wear, was repurposed to fit a flattering bodysuit. Beyonce infamously debuted the look while performing for her On the Run II world tour. She paired the bodysuit, inspired by street fashion, with a hooded cropped jacket and matching plaid thigh-high boots. This isn't the first time that the brand's vintage checkered pattern has graced Queen B's body. Burberry's iconic plaid pattern first made its comeback in the singer's Apesh*t music video, in which she donned a bra and flattering leggings in the same, uniform checkered pattern. Burberry shares it fair share of scenes in her most recent album, Everything is Love.

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