Top 5 Tricks to Make Your Home and Office Look Trendy

The door is one of the most forgotten elements of room design. The right door can enhance a theme, provide visual contrast, or announce the contents of a room.

Replacing an old or outdated door can be an expensive process. However, with Door Touch door wallpapers, you can redesign any entrance to match your current decor. Make your home or office look fresh and modern with one of these five excellent door mural designs.


Silver dot Pattern Techroom Door wallpaper

Sleek and Shiny Silver Metal Door

This silver vault door is a great entrance for a tech center, server room, or computer lab. The three-dimensional pattern includes a realistic bolted metal panel and looks like it's made of engraved steel. Choose one of these door wallpapers when you want a shiny, metallic appearance without the cost of an actual metal door.



Geometric Wooden Door

Modern and Minimalist Geometric Wooden Door

This door mural is perfect for any modern room or office. The design mimics cheerful cocobolo wood in a subtle but appealing geometric pattern. The direction of the wood grain creates a dramatic visual effect. This pattern is fun and friendly but still completely professional. Try one of these door wallpapers to add excitement and interest to your office setting or to compliment a stunning living room design.



Contemporary Modern door Mural

Contemporary and Contrasting Frosted Cutout Door

Door wallpapers can mimic any type of material. This particular mural combines dark wood with faux frosted glass to create a glowing visual illusion. The rotating circle pattern is a modern design element that will instantly update your home or workspace. The dark wood will easily complement bright walls or elegant furniture pieces. Use one of these door wallpapers to lead to an office, meeting room, or entryway.




Light Streak Door

Bright and Exciting Light Streak Door

This door uses a faux glass effect to bring light and warmth into your office design. The streaks of light move in the same direction as the wood grain for a cohesive visual effect. The cocobolo wood adds a natural touch that works well with relaxed and playful designs. These minimalist door wallpapers are great for offices, computer rooms, or any other spaces that could stand to be brightened up a little.




Grey Wood Wallpaper Birds Nest Design

Sharp and Professional Grey Wooden Door

This door mural combines the sophistication of grey wood stain with the modern appearance of an abstract geometric design. The angular lines lead your eye across the door and towards any logo or nameplate that you might want to install. These door wallpapers use a realistic texture to create the impression of an actual wood engraving; you'll have a hard time believing that the pattern isn't etched directly into the door. Try using this design for a conference room or legal office.

All door wallpapers from are made from peelable and removable vinyl. Simply stick the wallpaper to your existing door and appreciate your new aesthetic. These door wallpapers don't damage the underlying surface; try using them to make a leased office space feel like your own. Check out all of Door Touch's modern designs to decorate any space at work or at home.

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