How to Install

Door Wallpaper Installation & Instructions

Step by step guide in Door Mural Installation. Although installation is very easy. For best results please follow the steps below to make sure door wallpaper paterns are aligned nicely with the edges of the door and make sure the central design is centered within the door.


Step 1.

Make sure the surface is clean and smooth as possible, the smoother the surface the better the overall finish. Wipe surface clean with a damp cloth to remove any dust or paint remains that sticks out. 


Step 2.

Remove door handle to make the installation much easier and more realistic finish. Once you cover your door with Door Mural, cut a hole in door opening to slide door handle mechanism back.


Step 3.

Align the design with your door first, make sure the design is centred and have equal space on all sides of the door. Once you are happy with the position, peel off only about a foot and start sticking from the top down.