Futuristic Wood Door Mural design
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Futuristic Wood Door Mural design

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Futuristic Wood Door design in Coco Bolo Nature wood design is a great way to give your home or office that extra unique modern touch. The modern organic mosaic design will transform the look and feel of the whole room to a more refined artistic look. This Contemporary Wood Mural design gives an interesting depth to the door look.

Easy to install self-adhesive Vinyl sheet is provided in one large piece and will cover almost all standard door sizes (For Custom Door Mural Prints Sizes, please contact us). The door wallpaper is printed on a matt finish Vinyl in high definition and makes the door look very realistic. The Door Wallpaper material is easily removable if it's needed to be changed or removed. The Vinyl print does not harm the surface of the wood, metal, glass or any other surface it is applied on and does not leave any residue when removed.

• Easy Peel and Stick Door Mural
• Works on flat wood doors, wall, glass and metal
• Easy to remove with no sticky residue

Size: 36"x84" One Piece Self adhesive Vinyl sheet
Shipping: Included for US & Canadian orders

Does it work with any type of door?

We recommend using it on flat doors only with no decorative carvings or bevels.

Can you Print and cut exact door size?

Yes we can, but we do recommend having the wallpaper larger than the door size, it is easier to install and cut out the excess wallpaper than try to align all the edges perfectly. If you still like exact size, please send us an email before or after placing your order.


What do I receive after purchase?

We ship 36"x84" Rolled out Self-Adhesive Wall wallpaper in a shipping tube. The Roll comes in one sheet, no separate pieces to put together.


What type of Material is it printed on?

Our Door Murals are printed on matte white polymeric PVC film (not Paper) with ultra removable adhesive. The film is flame resistant and can be easily applied, re-positioned and removed without surface damage or loss of adhesion. The surface must be clean and smooth and free of defects before application.


Do you print Custom Size?

Yes we do, please contact us with your size requirements and we will prepare the final prints to your specification. For extreme uncommon size, too tall or too wide, there might be additional cost for design adjustments.


Can I install it myself?

Yes, if you are a handy person, Installation is easy and the material is very forgiving. We recommend installing with 2 person to make it easier. Please check out our How To Install Video.


Do I need a squeegee to install it?

For Glossy surfaces like shiny paint or glass, we recommend using a basic rubber squeegee. For matt surfaces you will be able to do it with your hands as seen in the instruction video.


What do I need to install a Door wallpaper?

Measuring tape, x-acto knife and a ladder.  Make sure to pay attention to details like aligning patterns and details for best results. Take your time aligning it from top to bottom and left to right to get the best result.


Does it remove easily if I decide to remove one day?

Yes, even though the door wallpaper will stick very well when its installed, when you decide to remove it even after years of use, the wallpaper will come off without leaving any residue or damage to the surface below.


What Currency Do you sell the Door Wallpapers?

We sell in US Dollar. 


Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes we do, please click here for full details.


For Additional questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us

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